Travel Agency Brochures

5 Essential Things To Put On Your Travel Agency Brochures

In the age of technology and the Internet, it is hard to believe that a print publication will be more popular than a website on the Internet, but this is what research has established. Respondents stated that print media is the best and most reliable source of information for them. So, we will talk about 5 essential things to put on your travel agency brochures, travel brochure design and give examples of a travel agency brochure. You can learn about this and even more in the article below.


Creating a brochure is a very insightful job, here we will show you some sample brochure designs for a travel agency. Printing brochures for travel agencies must be ordered in a good printing house, which uses quality materials. If you make travel brochure printing on bad paper, and the photos in them will be blurry and dull, then no interest from customers will not have to wait. Even very beautiful photos lose their charm if the print quality is not up to par. It is also important to choose the right material: the brochure should be nice to pick up, turn over many times. It is best to use full-color printing and coated glossy paper for this purpose. Some travel agencies make brochures on their own, using the usual office equipment: color printers, plain paper. Unfortunately, this method is far from ideal, and even the cost is not cheaper than making brochures in the printing house. The main disadvantage of this method is the unsound and frivolous approach, which immediately catches the eye of potential customers.


Creativity is an important factor in your brochure. When your brochure gets your hands on it, it should make you want to travel. You can impress your audience with an intriguing headline or extraordinary pictures. A good solution would be to use happy photos of people during your travels. Thus, the reader can imagine himself in the place of a happy person in the picture. Remember that colors also matter, so choose them carefully. Choose colors based on the atmosphere and emotion they need to convey.

Target audience

Identify your target audience. Hiking enthusiasts have different goals and benefits than those traveling with the whole family or tourists vacationing in a luxury setting. The text should correspond to the target audience and the offered tourist direction. A trip to a historic settlement can be very informative. Therefore, the text of the travel brochure project is likely to be aimed at school and student audiences. Resorts that specialize mainly in bridal holidays should focus on romantic details and services that will make the wedding and honeymoon unforgettable. Describe the main features of the tourist destination. Carefully select the most attractive services that will be most interesting to your target audience, and describe them in the main sections of the brochure.


Do not specify the price on the front page. If you offer expensive services, first describe your offer in detail, and only then indicate the cost of services. Do not try to fully describe all the services, but indicate some of the most popular. They should encourage customers to look for your agency to learn more.


Group the information in the travel agency information brochure into sections. In one part put a description of living conditions and in the other a description of entertainment and services. Clearly organize the information in the two-page brochure for the travel agency. Make the brochure easy to read. If it contains too much text, potential customers probably won’t want to reread it all. Write short but clear sentences. Do not make punctuation, grammatical and lexical errors in the text. Nothing undermines the belief in the reliability of your company as much as mistakes in the name of your proposed resort. Choose easy-to-read fonts. For headings and key phrases, use enlarged or colored fonts so that they stand out from the main text. Be sure to include contact details and your agency’s work schedule in the text. If desired, add to the text a few positive reviews from previous customers.