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5 Things You Should Know About Microdosing Shrooms

The First Fact You Need To Know Is: What Are Magic Mushrooms!

Before we get to this subject, think about all the mushrooms you know or have encountered in your life, or even tried, and some of them have had an impact on your physical and mental activity. The effect you would feel depends on the amount of mushrooms you take. So, obviously, it becomes more convenient for shrooms enthusiasts to try microdosing magic mushrooms. In this article, we would discuss this aspect in more detail.

Because of a fact that all mushrooms, even edible ones, affect the body. 

There are mushrooms, that are called psilocybin mushrooms, or to say, they contain a chemical substance known as psilocybin. In fact, they can be either dried or extracted from some fresh mushrooms. When you take this substance orally, it will make you feel “high”.

The Second Fact You Need To Know Is: What Are These Psilocybin Mushrooms Like?

Bear in mind that you don’t have to worry when buying mushrooms or ordering food, we’ll tell you exactly what they look like. 

The cultivation of these mushrooms is practiced in the U.S., South America, and Mexico. They are mostly consumed internally and drunk to speed up their action in the body so that the person begins to feel their hallucinogenic effects. 

Such grubbies look like this: they have dark gills on the bottom hat and a long and slender leg. Another important way you can tell a psilocybin mushroom is to pay close attention to the color of the plant. If the mushroom’s legs are long, thin, white, or grayish, and the frills under the cap are dark brown, it’s best to stay as far away from these mushrooms as possible.

The Third Fact You Need To Know Is: What Are The Effects Of Psilocybin Mushrooms? 

We have already seen what these mushrooms are and what they look like. 

Now let us move on to what they are for and how they affect our body. 

Magic mushrooms do much more than just make the body feel hallucinatory. And also the effect comes after 30 minutes when you have already eaten a few grams. So, what kind of feelings can you feel? 

The first is the hallucination, which can be both pleasant and frightening. Also, a heightened sense of calm, dilated pupils, a feeling unexplained and unaccustomed to your body, euphoria, spiritual awakening, and many others. 

If you use this mushroom, you can expect both a great feeling and a not-so-great feeling, which may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The Fourth Fact You Need To Know Is: What Is Microdosing?

At this point, we can say that microdosing is a new phenomenon. That is, a person takes a magic mushrooms in microdoses and then only after some time. So you don’t get high all day long, and you only take it in very small doses so that it lasts a few minutes or an hour before the high comes to an end. 

One of microdosing facts is that microdosing is mostly practiced only with psychedelic drugs. 

This kind of drug has its risks, and it is used either when you want to go deeper into the spiritual state, or to cheer yourself up and relax. 

The Fifth Fact You Need To Know Is: What are the risks of microdosing on magic mushrooms?

It is important to understand that microdosing magic mushrooms is not for everyone. The use of magic mushrooms can potentially improve your condition as well as worsen it, which can have uncomfortable side effects. And microdosing shrooms facts related to the risks of using mushrooms, namely: you may remember unpleasant moments from your life and traumatize, even more, hallucinations that will start to scare you, nausea and vomiting, great anxiety and paranoia, decreased appetite, energy, and depressed mood, lack of coordination and attention. And many other things. And each person will react differently.

One of the good things about microdosing magic mushrooms is that you can stop using mushrooms and microdoses whenever you want, that is, there is no addiction as such. And as well as any substance from these mushrooms can be made into a drug.