Family Cruise

5 Useful Tricks to Save Money on a Family Cruise

Cruise vacations were not as popular as they are today, especially cruise to Dominican Republic. Cruises have become popular all over the world. As statistics show, approximately 26 000 000 bordered cruise ships in 2017. This number rose to 28 million passengers in 2018. Today the amount of passengers choosing cruise vacations constantly grows and up to 2020, it will reach the number 30 000,000 if not more. 

Cruise vacations are not expensive. They are adorable because, in most cases, they include meals and onboard entertainment. It is one of the most affordable and cost-effective ways for a family tor vacation to see the world, enjoy nature, relax and experience unforgettable emotions. However, the price can quickly rise once you decide to pay for additional available services or products on the board. Therefore, you need to know where to look for deals and discounts. 

In this blog post, we will tell you about five useful tricks to stretch your vacation dollar and get an unforgettable sensation. If you are going to plan your family cruise vacation, you need to know about golden rules that will not only significantly ease stress and anxiety that may arise before a cruise, but also help you to save on it. 

How to Plan a Family Cruise?

Regardless of your budget, everyone loves saving money, especially if you are planning a family cruise. So, how to plan a budget-friendly family cruise? Why should you pay a lot if you can get the same for less? Fortunately, we have gathered a list of five general rules of thumb that will help you to save money and get excellent and unforgettable family cruise vacations! Let’s start!

1) Book early

Cruises love those who book at least s-x-seven months ahead. Booking ahead is of particular importance, especially for those who book a family cruise. If you want to get the largest, most convenient, spacious and interconnecting room, you should book it early. The tastiest cakes are eaten first, and if you want to get the best, you need to buy it as soon as it is possible. Try to book at the “wave season.” During the period from January-March, you will be able to book a cruise at the best deal possible.

2) Seek a travel agency

If it is one of your first cruises and you have a poor or no previous experience, then you need to apply for help to the travel agency. They will help you to find the cheapest cruise line for families or help you find the all-in-one package to save your money. They will help you to save money, spend less and enjoy family cruise vacations.

3) Sail during off-season

A peak season for most cruises is December and June. However, if you want to book a family cruise and save money, you should choose September or November. The cost of the cruises during these months is cheap because it is the period of storms as well as school time. Thus, if you are not planning to travel with kids, you can take advantage of this deal. 

4) Do not pay for shore excursions

If you want to cut down expenses, you will need to refuse from shore excursions. Local tours can be a great alternative to cruise tours.

5) Choose kid-friendly cruises

Cruises for large families should offer reduced prices and cheaper amenities for kids. Some journeys that charge extra for fancy dinners and dinning can offer unlimited delicious dessert and dinner for children. Some cruises provide unlimited family Wi-Fi, entertainment for kids, and more.

So, if you want to save money on a family cruise vacation, keep in mind these money-saving cruise tips! Have a nice vacation!