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Do you know where people experience the majority of the accidents they have,  in their own homes? Yes, your home is basically the most dangerous place for you. That is why if you often ask yourself where to invest money, just know home safety and living it is important for all of us.  Not that our homes are really that dangerous, it is just the odds, we spend more time there than most other places.

Accidents at home can be anything from something minor like a paper cut, which could occur at the workplace as well, to burns from the stove, falling down the stairs, tripping over an object on the floor, or in the case of my mum, she fell over the dog.  And there is a slew of other potential accidents that can occur, from electrical shocks, fires from grease pans or smoking, to slipping and falling in the bath.

There is a lot to watch out for.

So here is a light list of a few things to be on the lookout for whilst puttering about at home:

Windows: Especially in high rise units; don’t lean or push against them.  Be careful when cleaning windows as to not fall into them, either by leaning into them to clean them or by climbing a ladder to clean the higher spots.


No electrics near water, electricity can be conducted through water and is a no-no for the two to be near each other. So also remember to dry your hands completely prior to handling anything electrical.

Make sure all your plugs and electric cables are in good order and not frayed.  Also that all appliances are plugged in properly and working properly.

When changing lights be sure the switch is off and you are using the proper wattage bulb.


This is a biggie in that many people fall or trip down the stairs each year.  Keep the stairs clear of any obstacles to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Fire Safety

Making sure your smoke detector is in proper working order is the first and main thing. Keeping a fire extinguisher or fire blanket on hand is wise as well.

Making sure the cooker and the cooking area is clean and free from grease and oils.

Also keeping young children away from the cooker when cooking and using the back of the cooker first and turning and pan handles away from the front where they could be easily reached by young children.

Bath: Always test the bathwater prior to getting in the tub; this to avoid scalds or hot water burns.

If there are elderly persons with you, ensuring they have a safe way in and out of the tub, and putting down a slip-proof mat, can aid in avoiding falls and slips.

There is a multitude of other areas to watch and check regarding home safety.  Making sure your boiler is in proper working order and any vents are clear and away from any windows and sleeping areas.  This due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Making sure all cleaning and other chemicals are safely stored away from any young children’s reach.

As you can see, our homes are a place of beauty and contentment, but also can be sources of accidents, all of which can be avoided.