Foods That Can Affect Our Physical and Mental Health

Poor nutrition can be a reason for low mood, irritation, mental health problems. That is why it is important to have a well-balanced diet rich in both vegetables and nutrients to get a direct impact on our emotions, feelings, and wellbeing. It works like some kind of mediation as well as wearing a devotion bracelet that gives you the feeling of immense support

Proper diet and eating as healthy as we can improve not just how we feel, but how long we may live. Remember that both mental and physical health cannot be considered as two separate things. As a rule, if physical health is poor this can lead to a higher risk of developing a row of mental health problems.

Many people believe moderation is the key to this, others believe we need strict diets and to watch all we eat. To keep yourself in safety you need to know the list of foods that better to be excluded from your daily food ration

Fizzy drinks

Research has shown that drinking just one drink a day increases your risk of diabetes by 22%. You may be better off with soda water or low sugar fruit juice or diluted fruit juice.


It has been debated back and forth for years as to if caffeine helps or hurts our systems.  It is still advisable to limit the amount of caffeine we take in.  The stimulant can affect our hormones, and mood, and blood pressure.


They are high in fat and also sodium.  Switching to baked crisps is an option and has worked for me. But crisps can lead to obesity, heart disease, etc.  But they taste so good!


Butter gets a bad rap, yes it is high in fat, but it is also natural, not man-made with tons of chemicals, etc., in it.  There are some healthy options such as spreads with plant sterols in them to help reduce cholesterol.  These plant sterols are supposed to help reduce cholesterol with regular consumption.

White bread

It isn’t that white bread is bad for you, but it really doesn’t hold much in the line of healthy properties in it.  Switching to brown or whole grain bread is a good choice.  

Red meat 

We all know eating too much red meat has been linked to heart disease. Switching to a meat substitute like Quorn can be an optimal variant in this case. 


The hot air popcorn poppers are the best, but the popcorn seems to be a bit dry and tasteless. The microwave varieties taste good but can have flavorings that can be high in chemicals such as diacetyl which give it the buttery taste. They can also be high in fat due to the oils used. An alternative is to just put some popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag on their own and microwave them. They may not taste just as good, but they will be much lower in fat and chemicals.


Nothing really new here as the NHS tells us and posts the number of units we are supposed to limit ourselves to on just about everything.  But the fact is what the NHS is saying is true. Too much alcohol is a reason for diverse medical problems. 

Dairy products 

Butter can be included in this category as well, but we mentioned it before. This is more like cheese and creams, mike and other cow/dairy related foods. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, most of us love cheese and cream sauces, etc. But they are high in fat and cholesterol and need to be eaten in moderation. Drinking skims or low-fat milk is an option.

You’d be surprised how many ready-made foods or ready meals have high daily contents in them in the form of heavy sauces.  Some read meals alone are 50% to 75% of our daily fat allowance, in one meal.

Salad dressings 

Some of these, even the «light» ones, are loaded with fat and chemicals. Making your own dressing with vinegar and olive oil is an alternative.

Granola or Trail Mix 

It isn’t that eating these mixes or granola bars are unhealthy, they can be loaded with calories and fat. One bar alone can be 25% of your allowed calories and more than that of allowed fats. Some of which may be good fats, but we still need to watch and limit the number of fats we take in.


Some dips just seem to sound healthy, like artichoke dip, but the fact is they are heavy with cheese and other fatty sauces. They can be very high in calories and fat.  Most dips are cream or dairy based, which makes them taste as good as they do, and makes them as high in fat and calories as they are.


Just because a label states a food item is fat-free doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. It may be high in sodium or sugars to make up the taste that is missing from the fats. Read the labels.

Plan your diet attentively taking into consideration all the above-mentioned tips