Calendars for Business Promotions

How to Make Personalized Calendars for Effective Business Promotions

Are you promoting your business, but still don’t know what custom calendars printing is? Or are you searching for how do you promote your business with personalized calendars and how effective is it? What is the best paper for printing calendars? We will tell you about this and more in our article below. To place an order, contact Poster Print Center.


To get a good effect, you need to choose the right time to send calendars. They are mostly sent during various holidays. This way, the calendar will draw attention to your brand all year round. To create a good calendar, you need to follow a few subsections. The first is to choose a topic. The theme you choose should match your brand or the product you want to advertise. Get creative, draw and improve your sketches, but make sure they are not too fashionable. 

You can also print desk calendars. Monthly calendars for printing have many pages, so the design here will be a little more difficult. You will need to come up with a theme for each new page that would generally show the overall theme. If your calendar consists of only one page (magnetic calendar, poster calendars printing, etc.), you will really need to spend time and effort to come up with a strong design. For some, this task may be too complex and creative. In this case, a professional designer or photographer will help you.


The next step you will face is the use of images. Regardless of your product, you need to use real photos of it. If the theme of your business is, for example, different real estate, then you can simply place an image of the real estate you are selling. A good solution would be to place emotional and historical images, then your brand will be remembered by people for a long time. When we talk about real emotions, we mean a happy married couple or children. If you take the example of real estate again, it can be an image of a happy family in your apartment. Avoid using stock photos. From a technical point of view, make sure your photos are high quality.


Now let’s move on to the text and consider its layouts. You can add different captions to your images or insert different funny passages, for example. Font also plays an important role. It must be legible and clear. People will be annoyed that they will not be able to read your message. However, you need to be careful not to have too much text. Everything must be clear and orderly. And to make the calendar seem more interesting, you can add an area for a to-do list, important events, or a list of “Happy Holidays”.


The last stage will be printing. Don’t forget to follow the calendar templates, then you will avoid unexpected “surprises” at the finish stage. You need to carefully choose the paper and process it (matte or glossy finish). A calendars printing company can help you. This way you make a mention of yourself for your potential customers.