Protect Mattress When Moving

How To Protect Mattress When Moving?

Moving to a new residence tends to bring you a lot of stress. You need to deal with packing, organizing, and moving all of your stuff. Furthermore, the significant part of your moving day is protecting your belongings to come safely to a destination. If you don’t want or don’t have enough time to be engaged in moving your house on your own, then a professional moving company is an excellent option. The services of professional movers will keep your moving hassle-free. Today, we’ll discuss how to pack a mattress for moving correctly.

Mattress protection for moving: essentials


1. Wrap a mattress

Protecting the mattress when moving involves wrapping it with some plastic wrap. It ensures the best protection against dirt and moisture. Additionally, you can wrap a mattress more securely at the expense of using shrink-wrap on its corners. Another solution to consider is to use a mattress storage bag instead of a tarpaulin. Covering your belongings with plastic wrap or a unique bag is the first pledge that a mattress will safely come to a new destination without damages.


2. Utilize blankets

Better security for a mattress is possible once you put an old blanket underneath. This will also help movers slide a mattress while unloading a truck instead of carrying it by hand.


3. Rent a right moving truck

Once you decide to hire professionals for your moving day, be sure to select the correct vehicle type. If you know that you need to move a mattress or two, it will never hurt to ask movers to take an enclosed transport. The main benefit of an enclosed truck is that it fits perfectly mattress` sizes as they typically come large and allow you to keep your mind calm that a mattress will be protected from external factors and any elements during your move.


4. Check the weather forecast

If you move your belongings by open transport, it would be wise to check whether the weather is fine on your moving day. Anyway, never forget to cover a mattress with an additional protective layer to ensure it is secured enough.


5. Put a mattress upright

Multiple people doubt how to stand a mattress during a moving day. Putting a mattress vertically is a pledge that it arrives at your new home safely. Moreover, placing a mattress between furniture in the moving truck never hurts. It will additionally secure your furniture and keep a mattress upright until it comes to a destination.


6. Drive carefully

If you move your stuff on your own, you need to drive as safely as possible. This will prevent furniture and mattresses from extra shaking and damage. When creating a route to a destination, avoid highways so you can drive slowly and ensure better security for your belongings.