Psychedelic Experience

What Are The 5 Levels Of Psychedelic Experience?

What is the psychedelic experience? It includes the practice of consuming a certain dose of psychedelic\hallucinogenic substances, like psilocybin or LSD, and then experience a special state of body and mind called a psychedelic trip. This fact helps us understand what is the source of the psychedelic experience. Go for shroom dispensary to get high-quality mushrooms for your first psychedelic trip.

Essentially, users refer to the psychedelic experience to achieve a spiritual state of their consciousness. This experience often consists of five stages that are described in a book by Timothy Leary. Let’s fully discover all the levels of a psychedelic trip, and what each of them represents.

Level 1

The first level of the psychedelic experience is quite similar to the effect of marijuana that is consumed in high doses. It comes to the feeling of complete relaxation, the senses become sharpened and mixed. Users also experience an intensification of color perception, they may even feel the post effect of seeing colors more vivid. The brain starts to recognize different shades and tones brighter, and at the same time, it slowly loses control of the mindset that causes more favorable behavior. Besides, the sense of hearing may be slightly distorted, although the perception of music is improved in most cases.

Reaching up to the first level of the psychedelic trip is often a goal for the majority of users. They usually go to concerts or parties for this purpose.

Level 2

The psychedelic experience at the second level brings to users a development of their creativity as well as a revealing the potential of creative abilities. The way of thinking also changes at this stage. Nonetheless, the user will experience seeing visual effects with closed eyes. These hallucinogens often include some vivid colorful images with geometric patterns. Level 2 of the psychedelic experience usually causes a more intensified trip.

Level 3

The third level of psychedelic experience stands out by the possibility to feel a complete trance. Users often experience seeing more colorful and potent visual hallucinogens, and they can come to the state of ecstasy at this stage. The user’s visual perception becomes more sensitive and attractive, so there is an opportunity to see the fractals – endless complicated vivid patterns. In addition, the sense of time can be distorted, so the time will go slower than usual.

Level 4

Level 4 of the psychedelic trip goes for erasing borders between a person`s individuality and an environment. The user lives through the out-of-body feeling that means an ability to see certain spiritual visions. Moreover, the hallucinogenic effects are rapidly increasing, so a person will see different potent visual weaves too.

Level 5

The final stage of the psychedelic experience is often associated with nirvana and introspection, however, it varies from person to person. At this level, the human senses become strongly interconnected as well as the time perception is distorted, so the user will perceive the past, present, and future as one thing. The strong visual hallucinogens are present at the fifth stage as well. Besides, users also confirmed that they successfully achieve the desired state of full enlightenment.