What Does The Templar Armor Look Like?

Monks from the powerful Order of the Knights Templar excite the minds of historians, conspiracy theorists, and many modern mysticism lovers.  The fashion for warrior monks, it seems, will never pass.  You probably did not know this, but the symbols of this Order have flooded modern cinema, music, and even video games such as Assassin Creed.  Many people even wear different types of jewelry with their symbols, such as knights templar ring, medallion, patch, and pendant.

The legendary union of knights, whose history and activities were shrouded in secrets, prohibitions, and persecutions, are distinguished by recognizable signs like a red cross on a white background on the chest, as well as widely known

Templar knight armor.

We should first find out more about the history of the order, otherwise, we will not understand many important details.

So, from the moment of its foundation by the Grand Master Hugo de Payne in the XII century, the Order was called “Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon”.  According to legend, they did not even have money to buy a horse for each warrior.  Hence the symbol of the Templar, which was often applied to swords and knight Templar armor – two warriors on one horse.

Soon, they received world recognition, wealth, and approval from the kings, as well as the Pope.  The latter blessed them on the crusades.

At the beginning of their existence, they had an excellent reputation, according to the decree of the head of the church, they could freely cross any borders, were exempted from taxes, and did not obey anyone except the Pope himself.  Over time, the Templar became the richest of all the existing orders, possessed enormous wealth and vast possessions of lands not only in the Holy Land but also in European countries.

However, in the middle of the XIII century, their reputation deteriorated.  At this time, the Templar attack the Egyptian sultan.  They also managed to act cruelly with their brothers from the Teutonic Order, driving them out of Acre, which eventually led to the conquest of the city and the entire coast by the Muslims.

After such events in 1307, the Royal Council decided to arrest all the Templar in France.  The Templar were credited with grave crimes against religion and morality.  The arrests were carried out in the name of the Holy Inquisition, and the possessions of the Templar were confiscated by the king.

The arrested Templar almost simultaneously pleaded guilty.  In October 1311, the Council of Vienna was held, at which the Pope demanded the abolition of the order, which had dishonored itself and was no longer able to exist further in its former form.

There is also a direct connection between the Order and the mystical meaning of Black Friday the 13th.

It was on such a day in 1314 that the inquisitors burned the Grand Masters of the Templar at the stake, and they cursed both them and the king just before their death.  According to historical records, the last of the masters, Jacques de Molay, swore that the Lord would hear him and arrange the death of Pope Clement V within forty days, and the French king within a year.  And so it happened.

What did knights’ Templar authentic armor look like? 

Let’s take a closer look at their appearance so that you recognize the members of the order at the moment when they appear in popular works of our time.

All of these items were spelled out in the Templar Rite, and therefore it is reliably known what exactly the warrior monks wore.

After initiation into the Order, each knight infantryman was given a large double-edged sword, and spears and clubs were also specially made for horse cavalry.

Under the Templar, at least 3 knives of different purposes could be found: for cutting food, for piercing like an awl, and a combat dagger.

Under the Templar knight’s armor, the Templar wore linen consisting of a shirt and pants.  The squires helped the knights get ready for battle by donning their uniforms, as well as removing metal and belting their shirts over their pants before going to bed.

A quilted jacket was worn over the underwear.

On top of the jacket, squires secured historical Templar armor.  It consisted of chain mail, chain mail stockings, a square or pot-shaped helmet.  On top of the chain mail lay a coat of arms cotta, if it is simpler, then a cloak with a red Templar cross on the chest and the back.  At the same time, the squires and another junior in rank had black uniforms, while the knights themselves had snow-white uniforms.

Over the tabard, sling straps were worn for comfortable carrying of a sword, knives, spear, and club.  As a rule, knights hung a leather shield with a coat of arms around their necks.

Outerwear was also a tunic with the emblem of the Templar.

 Each knight had the right to his squire, three animals to choose from, and a tent for spending the night in the field.

Now that you have expanded your understanding of medieval chivalry, we are sure that you will recognize the Templar even if he flickers on your screen for a second. And some of you may now want to join the history of the order and buy yourself something with their coat of arms.

Good luck and discoveries!