What Is The Cheapest Month To Go On A Cruise?

Going on a cruise appears as a more affordable way to travel when compared to other popular traveling options. It is an excellent opportunity to visit multiple destinations, enjoy the fresh sea air and spectacular views, and leverage an advanced service onboard a cruise ship. Do you want to save even more funds on a voyage? We are glad to share with you the cheapest month to cruise. But first, please get in touch with us to find a cruise according to your needs and budget.

What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise?

Even though each season of the year is good to book a cruise, some weeks throughout the year are less expensive than others. The truth is that pricing for a cruise tends to go higher when school is over and on any holidays. For instance, the weeks through Christmas are generally pretty expensive, but the following period after the holidays is considered the cheapest to go sailing.

If you get confused about the cheapest month to take a cruise, you can’t go wrong with the second week of January until early February. The prices are likely to drop off straight after a highly-demandable Christmas and New Year’s holidays. In addition, don’t miss the last week of February to save some funds on a voyage – prices are dropping after Valentine’s Day. You are also likely to find good deals in September after Labor Day when kids are back to school and hurricane season is at its peak. As a result, demand is lower than during the high season.

  • Alaska

If you ask, «What is the cheapest month to cruise to Alaska?» you are in the right place. Remember that this cruise itinerary features a pretty brief period for sailing due to the frequent bad weather conditions. The cheapest voyages to Alaska typically occur in May and September – when the cruise season begins and when it is over.

  • Caribbean

In theory, cruisers can sail in the Caribbean itinerary year-round, however, scheduling a cruise in the coldest period within the Northern Hemisphere results in high expenses. Therefore, the cheapest month to cruise Caribbean is associated with late August through autumn, when a hurricane season is in full swing. Keep in mind that there is a risk that some voyages will be canceled due to bad weather.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular destination to go on a cruise for multiple vacationers, especially in June and July. So, if you are cruising on a budget, consider early booking of Hawaii voyages between June and September. This period also features the most excellent weather on the islands.

  • Bermuda

Summer is considered a high season to cruise to Bermuda, increasing the prices. If you seek the most reasonable period to enjoy the most fantastic beaches in Bermuda, see no further than April to early June and September through November for the best deals.